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We connect your business with top-notch Machine Learning Engineers who will manage and develop your project. Launching in Q4 2018.

Our Services

Including these and much more!

Computer Vision

Computer Vision is one of the main topics right now in Machine Learning and includes everything related to images. Classification, Segmentation, we do it all.

Voice & Text Processing

Text is everywhere, but do you know how to analyze it? With our experts in text classification, sentiment analysis and natural language processing, you'll get up to speed fast.

Forecasting & Prediction

We are able to make your business truly smart. It's as if you're able to see the future with our forecasting services.

How it works


You tell us about yourself.

Including your project plans, your current state, your budget and vision.


We take it from here.

We will get in touch with the candidates of your choice, comparing their estimates and offers.


We do the work.

After your hiring decision, we will set everything up, manage your payment (we'll keep it safe until the job is done) and regularly check in with you and the freelancer to get your project done properly and satisfactory.


How much does it cost?

This highly depends on your requirements, the size of your project and the freelancers that you choose. We prefer to do projects that take 10 hours or longer and hourly rates start at ~$30.

Who are the freelancers?

Freelancers are usually hand-picked members of the RemoteML.com community and have gone through a standard technical interview process.

Why takes this over Upwork/Fiverr?

While other freelancing platforms leave you alone with your freelancers, we'll personally make sure that you are satisfied and that your project is properly managed. You'll be in touch with a Logits staff member from start to finish of your project so you always have an additional point of contact.

I'm not satisfied, is my money gone?

After you accept our offer and pay the cost, our freelancer will start working on your project. We are keeping your money safe in Escrow and only pay it to our freelancer once the project is done to your satisfaction or after 90 days.

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